UX Deliverables

The following documents demonstrate my methods for evaluating and improving websites usability and accessibility. Each document was aided by software; OmniGraffle, PencilProject & Balsamiq.

Usability Testing Report document

Usability Testing Report

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A usability test was conducted for the Kelley Blue Book website, in order to determine user experience issues and provide a prioritized series of recommendations for resolving those issues. In addition, participants agreeded to be recorded utilizing Techsmith's Camtasia software.

Expert Review document

Expert Review

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An expert review was conducted of the website, examining the desktop version, mobile version, and mobile app as well as the other pages that comprise the website. The inspection focused on identifying any and all usability issues, while also pointing out strengths of the website that should be maintained.

Task Analysis Report

Task Analysis & Storybording

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Task analyses were conducted for the website. For these analyses, multiple page processes covering several different tasks throughout were deconstructed to identify areas where streamlining and optimization could occur. Storyboards were also created to accompany and demonstrate the reconstructed tasks. Supporting these task analyses and storyboards were the results of user testing, which has allowed enhancements to the processes and interfaces.

Site Deconstruction

Accessibility Inspection

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An expert review was conducted of the website, examining the Homepage and Shopping Cart as well as the other pages that comprise the website. The inspection focused on identifying any and all accessibility issues, while also pointing out strengths of the website that should be maintained.

Whiteboard Sketches

Sometimes low-tech is the tool for the job!

The Cart Challenge:

We divided into teams comprised of 2-3 members and were encouraged to simplify the necessary steps involved in completing an on-line purchase. Each divided section represents a single screen view on a mobile device. Utilizing AJAX programming, we thought to autofill section like, City and State, based on prior address information.



Creating Forms can be deceptively tricky. If a form is too simple, you may lack necessary information, however if a form is overly complex it may discourage user interaction and lead to loss of data and potential loss of users. Our objective in this senario was to design a form to reduce the steps needed to fill in necessary Shipping information and remove extraneous tasks from the user.


Site Mapping:

I was tasked with Site Mapping of the City of, by hand! After the first draft was approved, we were to map the site again using diagramming software. OmniGraffle was my chosen software for diagramming. The program was straight-forward and intuitive, lengthy process, but an intriguing study on the many, various connections within a website.


Persona Development:

This particular Persona was created for a user senario involving the diversity of community college students and their individual needs in an App provided by the college. My partner & I envisioned a hyper-masculine male, Jim Pheonix(23), a part-time cook with hopes of a 4-year degree in mathematics utilizing the GI Bill.

Wireframes & Mock-Up Examples

(Intrigue Escape Games)


mobile wireframe example


desktop wireframe example

Full-Color Mock-Up

full color mock up example

Published Design Work

intrigue escape games website link

Intrigue Escape Games

In this project, I created both mobile and desktop wireframes to better illustrate the possibilities and potential pitfalls.

South Rockwood United Methodist Church coming soon sign

South Rockwood United Methodist Church

(Awaiting Council Approval)

These clients presented some unique challenges. They had me use software provided by their denominations tech department and even with many project specific resources at my disposal, I found myself adapting to the interface to make their vision come to fruition.

rashguard design

BJJ Rashguard Design

I designed some original artwork to be used on some Martial Arts School clothing. The 1st production run sold out within two weeks!

Dallas Street Sign

Street Sign Design

An upscale Dallas neighborhood needed a new sign for the entrance to their neighborhood. This was a short notice/ quick turnaround project, done all through e-mail.

Web Design Work

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Below are various examples of my website designs. Some demonstrate particular design styles and the others had constraints to work around. Every design was challenging, but fun!

Random Chance

We randomly chose two slips of paper, one for color and the other for style. This is my interpretation of the Pittsburg Parks Conservancy with a "Chocolate-Elegance" theme. All the sections, dates and details were taken directly from the current site, just re-imagined to meet the challenge.

themed website example

Redesign Design

Starting from scratch may seem easier, but sometimes just moving a couple walls and a fresh coat of paint is all you need! Take a look below at what I thought it could be, instead of what is at Todd Waller Realty.

redesigned website example

Dominant Photo Design

Pictures are powerful and their ability to evoke emotion is equally as powerful. Photo selection and editing were the keys to success in this design.

emotive website example

Long & Flat Design

Some users like to scroll, scroll, scroll and this design is made just for them. Combining bold words with bold pictures to stretch out the People's Food Co-Op site to fit the task.

full Long and flat website design example

3-Bucket Design

This is my favorite wedsite design project from college. The design came together so naturally.

3-Bucket Website Design Example